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Bayou Beau

Bayou Beau

Made in the Bayou City
Houston, Texas USA

Josiah Franklin, a native Texan with deep roots in the south, founded Bayou Beau in Houston, Texas in 2010. He decided that the first product would be underwear for men that were made in the USA. Josiah, with a background in costume design and construction, designed briefs, trunks and boxer briefs for men based on the premise that underwear should be comfortable, masculine and fashionable.

With an emphasis on quality design and construction, the first Bayou Beau underwear collection premiered in 2011 as a made-to-order, hand-cut and hand-sewn brand manufactured in the Bayou Beau design studio. Since 2011, Bayou Beau has added underwear for women, jock straps and swimwear.

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